We offer a high quality service in an attempt to ensure that disputes have limited impact on your business and are resolved quickly and efficiently. Disputes can be critical to a business, as it is seriously disruptive and hinders progress.

We think “outside of the box”. We always try to deliver commercially focused considerations and results, by strategic planning when considering your business needs and the best outcome to your problem. Often there are protocols that must be followed, which usually help to identify and narrow the issues.

We actively encourage attempts at suitable forms of ADR, whether Mediation or otherwise, so that your dispute is resolved without the need for litigation, as it is very expensive and should be avoided only to be used as a last resort.

We have considerable experience in dealing with complex cases, one such case, which was in the TCC Court and the Court of Appeal, before the Master of the Rolls in which our personnel have been involved. The case was Shinedean Limited v (1) Alldown Demolition (London) Limited (In liquidation) (2) AXA Insurance UK PLC CA 20 June 2006[2006] EWCA Civ 939, Times 26-Jul-2006 (the TCC Judgment was Shinedean Limited v (1) Alldown Demolition (London) Limited (In liquidation) (2) AXA Insurance UK PLC 4th, 5th and 6th October 2005 [2005] EWHC 2319 TCC).

Commercial disputes can cause reputational damage so, you can receive advice about problems relating to intellectual property, such as defamation, slander and reputation management. Sometimes urgent action is required to protect your business, so clients may need us to handle applications for urgent injunctions and freezing orders, where efficient and effective action is required.

We are acutely aware and advise our clients that litigation is typically the means of last resort. For this reason, our policy is to use our best efforts to negotiate the best settlement, as that saves our clients substantial money, than litigating disputes, as that must be used as a last resort. However, when litigation our clients last resort, you can be assured a strategic plan, swift and decisive action with meticulous preparation and execution. We continue to keep all options open with regards to a negotiated settlement, even after proceeding have been instituted, if it meets our clients’ needs. Otherwise, if this cannot be achieved, we fight vigorously on their behalf and constantly keep our clients informed, whilst working as a team, when necessary.

When entering into business agreements with employees, customers and suppliers it is unfortunately inevitable that disagreements will arise. We offer advice on the terms of the agreement and provide details as to the options available to include exploring settlement terms. If a resolution is not possible, we can assist in bringing, defending and providing full representation at Court. Some of the common disputes include:

  • Contracts for supply or purchase of goods or service
  • Insurance contracts
  • Personal guarantees
  • Warranty claims
  • Breach and enforcement of restrictive covenant
  • Construction or building contracts
  • Breach of hire or credit hire agreements
  • Loan agreements

We are committed to excellence when it comes to litigating our client’s case, considering each case on its own merits, with regular reviews at each stage and attention to detail.

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