We offer advice in regards to circumstances where you have been given bad or poor advice by a professional where the level of service does not meet the level you should expect.

Often people place their trust in professionals, whom they have instructed or consulted because they have particular expertise and skills in the services they provide. At the time, when such professional advice is sought, you look to that professional to direct you in the right direction and guide you in your best interest.

Such professionals may be solicitors, builders, engineers, financial advisors, barristers, surveyors, insurance brokers, architects, accountants, IT professionals, town planners, professional trustees and so on, which list is not exhaustive.

Professionals are expected to approach your matter or situation with due care, skill and attention. When professionals have provided poor advice and/or caused loss, whether financial loss, missed opportunities etc. This is known as professional negligence and if you have suffered loss, you may be entitled to claim compensation. You need to show that another experienced professional in the same field would have offered different advice or dealt with matters differently. Another aspect of such negligence claim is where you can prove that the professional has failed to adhere to the expected standards of their field of expertise.

Professional negligence is a complex area, if you consult us, we will explain the position in plain English and relate it to your particular circumstances. We will assess your position and the losses you have suffered with a view to assisting you in bring a claim and work towards restoring you to the position you were in before you sought professional advice. 

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